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Salon Service Agreements




About the Course

Let's elevate your business! were covering key aspects that beauty professionals often over look. Dont worry Fearless Beauty Studios is here to make your journey smoother and worry-free. In this course, were focusing on terms and agreements you need to implement in your Suite Dreams – Service Agreement, Release of Liability, and Chemical Release Form – designed to fortify your salon suite venture.

This Service Agreement ensures transparent communication with clients, setting clear expectations and preventing potential disputes. The Release of Liability form acts as a protective shield, outlining procedures and minimizing risks. Additionally, the Chemical Release Form provides a vital framework for managing potential issues related to chemical treatments.

Lets get your equip with the tools to secure your business and enhance client relationships. Say goodbye to worries – this course is your one-stop solution to navigating the nuances of salon suite entrepreneurship. Let's thrive together!

Your Instructor

Quanterra M.

Meet Quanterra Mitchell, your guide on this exciting journey to salon suite success. With a bold entrepreneurial spirit, Quanterra transitioned from earning a 35% commission at a salon she work at for 3 years. To establishing her own salon suite in her first year of business , she achieved remarkable success, generating $70,000 without any formal training or marketing efforts.

Quanterra's journey is a testament to the power of strategic steps and unwavering determination. In this course, she generously shares the key systems she put in place to turn her salon suite venture into a thriving business.

Quanterra M.
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